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Sonja Brooke/ Laura Liver

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Sonja Brooke

Sonja is a global spokesmodel/gemologist and author. She has devoted her career to promotional partnerships with high-profile brands. Sonja has also displayed her talents on camera as an actress in films, commercials, and advertisements. She is a highly respected brand ambassador for A Diamonds Life (APFD), an international diamond jewellery company  and the author of Thank You for My Tears I thought I had none left, On My Grandmothers’ Prayers. Please let my tears Salt my food.

Laura Liver Office Photo.jpg

Laura Liver

Laura was born in Montreal but spent most of her adult life in Vancouver, Canada. A fashion stylist for over 25 years, she has also enjoyed monumental success with architectural firms, property developers and the home improvement sector. Laura is an avid gardener/ landscaper and shares that skill set on every project she works on

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